what happened to qobstoppers?

i switched to humour: povvers


quality was getting boring and my followers were mostly inactive :(

why didn't you just delete your blog?

i didn't want almost 2 year's worth of hard work & followers go to waste

why did you unfollow me?

i'm sorry! but i only wanted humour on my dash :(

would you ever come back to quality?

nope probably not

would you have a quality sideblog?

no, i already have 2 blogs: humour and 1d & 5sos

why did you switch to humour?

i don't really like personal/vertical and luxury is too similar to quality. humour i can just laugh at everything on my dash :)

Message to everyone

so this is it for qobstoppers! thank you for all your support and love and sweet messages and everything you guys have done for me! i'll really miss you guys :')